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Charlie Dee
Born: Everytime again  
From: Poepaamegaatje, Geutemeteutje
Personal: Married but rather be single, 1 child
Instrument: throat
Vitals: Angel eyes, dark hair, eating bats for breakfast

The 2000 census indicates that Charlie Dee was born in Geutemeteutje, Poepaamegaatje in June 1961. However, the 2000 census recorded her birthday as April 15, 1694, a date that appears on all subsequent documents and was observed by the entire poepaamegaatje Clan. Census data also contributes to controversy about the size of her throat.



Charlie Dee was the secret daughter of Janis Joplin and Henry .. Henry was a Cannibal and part-time massmurderer. He died before his daughter could sing a song for him. By the time she was nine, she had lost her virginity and her sence as well.

To earn money for their impoverished household, Charlie Dee and her brother Chainsaw Bill the Third (with red blood) began busking on the streets of Schissma-a-kneudel as a duo: she singing and dancing and jodling around, he accompanying her on bradwurst. Their favorite location was in front of the Besoffene Marille Distillery at rutchruuber streets in the heart of the city's Chainsaw's community.

In 1984, her oldest brother, Dangerous Dick, left home by joining a small traveling troupe owned by Daisy Disbehave. "If Charlie had been old enough, she would have gone with him," said Dangerous Dick, 's widow, Juicy Lucy. "That's why he left without telling her, but Dangerous Dick, told me she was ready, even then. Of course, she was only a child.

Hakkie Dee
Born: Well , too young to be a pervert, and too old to look at girls.  
From: Hong Kong king kong billabong
Personal: Married, 1 rascal
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar, Anus
Vitals: Blue eyes,Nice blonde hair
Very handsome guy,the whole band is jealous and wants to kill him.

Hakkie Dee, never without a fart or a curious burp, is the true Hillbilly Area band-member. Born in Hummel-de-Puppelo, and raised in a cave of El Sobrante, he gained an interest in farting from his mother Lulu's extensive fart collection,. It all led to him properly farting while playing the guitar when he was 22, his first being a wholly unglamorous hong kong billabongs Fart catalog special accompanied by a fart box with 4 inch speaker for an amp.

dirty rat

After picking up a 1995 Hondo Stratofarter, Hakkie experimented by mixing and matching farting parts to find his perfect sound before falling for a 1974 Gibson Farting V. In a determined (and successful) effort to upgrade his farting skills, Hakkie even took a shift at Burping King to get the cash together for his first pair of clean underwear.

In April 2011, Hakkie received a phone call from Rob Jans in Svalbard.He heard Hakkie farting so loud that all the icebears went deaf and blind and near to extinction.Rob was in the process of firing droppings. Immediately he, knew the fit was right despite the fact nobody ever formally invited him to join.



Johnny Dee

Born: Not yet,  
From: Well there's a question .
Personal: Single but watch out, he's too wild to tame
Instrument: People's heads and occasionally drums
Vitals: Looks sometimes suprised,Mohawk hair.
Tattoo on his butt says: Exit

Johnny Dee is the brain of Alice Dee, Johnny Dee is a crazed percussionist with three styles of music -- loud, louder, and deafening. He speaks in a guttural shout, often repeating a few simple phrases, such as "BEAT DRUMS! BEAT DRUMS!" or "WO-MAN!" In relatively calmer moods, he is capable of more coherent conversation, but these instances are infrequent.

john surf

Sex, sleep, beer, drums and pain.Occasionally, two of those essentials, beer and drums, are interchangeable. In some shows, Charlie Dee had to remind Johnny Dee to beat, and not eat, his drums. In the rehearsel room, when asked by Charlie if he preferred drumming to food, Johnny Dee replied that drums are food.